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Estate Administration

For Individuals and families

We recognise that you might be on a tight budget and for £95 we will collate and schedule your loved one’s papers onto a very straightforward spreadsheet, giving an indication of the size of the estate. After which, we’ll update you on your options going forward and if you need a solicitor or professional advisor, we can recommend one to you.

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For Solicitors and Accountants, we offer two specific services

(more detail and to download a copy of our brochure designed to explain our services for professionals, click on the image below):

1              Collection, Collation and Scheduling of papers

We collect, collate and schedule the deceased papers on to an easy to use spreadsheet to give an initial indication of the size of the estate.  We then return the original papers to the professional who would use this information to work with the estate’s executors to progress the IHT and probate processes.  The professional will receive the information promptly and be able to look at clear data and have a good idea of the size of the estate and how to progress it.

2             Pre-Probate Administration

We also offer pre-probate administration support.  After collating and scheduling theprofessionals-leaflet-thumbnail papers and liaising with the professional, we will work on their behalf, contacting all the relevant institutions, recording their client’s death and obtaining confirmation of the deceased’s investments, shareholdings and account balances.  We will then update the spreadsheet and report back to the professional enabling them to progress to the IHT/Probate obtaining process, bringing closure and completion of the process for their client’s family.

For Court Appointed Deputies,  Care Homes and Financial Advisors

You may have clients whose assets need scheduling, but the client might lack the capacity to do this themselves.  Our collection, collation and scheduling service as shown above would be ideal.   We are a flexible, efficient resource to carry out this service for your client.

Please note : EAS are not legal or financial advisors and we do not offer legal or financial advice.