Estate Administration Services

Pre-Probate Estate Administration Services

Death is something no one wants to face or talk about, but sadly it is inevitable.  For the loved ones left behind, it is unquestionably the worst time of their lives.  After registering the death and holding the funeral, they then have to deal with the pre-probate estate administration paperwork – and this is something we can help you with.

Estate Administration Services Ltd (EAS) are primarily pre-probate administrators.  This is quite a title, but in a nutshell, we offer an efficient, effective service for the collection, collation and scheduling of pre-probate information and our clients are Individuals, Executors of Estates, small firms of solicitors and accountants, Court Appointed Deputies, Care Homes and Financial Advisors.

For the families who have lost a loved one, paperwork and admin are the last things they want to think about at such a difficult time.   We offer a cost effective, efficient service scheduling the paperwork for the family to progress the probate application themselves, or where they can pass the information to their solicitor to progress the application on their behalf.

For small firms of solicitors and accountants, probate and estate administration work might not be your main focus and you may not have the resource to carry out the initial information gathering process.  We will work directly with you providing you with the information you need to progress the probate process for your client.  EAS is the flexible outsourced resource your practice needs.

For Court Appointed Deputies, Care Homes and Financial Advisors – you may have a client whose assets need scheduling but the client might lack the capacity to do this themselves.  EAS is the resource you need to fulfil this function.

Working from a secure location, all of our clients can be assured of EAS’ professionalism and efficiency while working on our clients’ papers.  We take security very seriously and every aspect of our process is designed so that confidentiality is maintained at all times.

The Law Society has some useful information on its probate page.